Leadership Training

We have some big dreams for the next five years! One of the mile markers on that journey we’ve discussed recently is Increased Leadership Capacity. We want to make sure “those with pastoral and teaching gifts are being mentored and prepared to start new house churches in new neighborhoods.”

To that end, we are starting three new small groups this coming week! The content is video-based and will elaborate on chapter six of Francis Chan’s Letters to the Church, which we discussed last Sunday. As we’ve learned, Christian leadership is much more about character than a particular set of skills. These eight video lessons will teach on traits every believer should develop, but especially those aspiring to a position of leadership.

Pastor Logan and Grayson will host a group at their house on Tuesdays at 6pm, Chris and Dana will host one at their house on Wednesdays at 5:30pm (dinner will be served), and Juan and Lucy will host another at their house on Thursdays at 7pm (addresses will be available Sunday). Please prioritize joining one of these important groups!