New Summer Small Groups

June brings summer and with summer comes a whole new round of small groups! Small groups are intentional gatherings that happen on a regular basis for the purpose of community and spiritual growth. At CrossPoint we have been utilizing trimester-based groups. That means three times a year we start new groups based around specific studies or topics.

However, we know summers can be busy with vacations and travel, and you may not want to commit to an eight week study—especially if you know you’ll out of town for two of those weeks. What’s more, when guests want to get involved at CrossPoint outside of Sundays, it’s not very appealing to jump into a study that is already half over. So this trimester we’re doing something different.

Our summer small groups will meet every other week through August. Each group will have a spiritual component (e.g., a devotion, discussion about the previous Sunday’s talk, group prayer, or Bible reading), and then alternate its focus between fellowship and outreach. A group may begin with prayer and rereading last Sunday’s Bible passage, then the rest of the evening may be spent talking over dinner and boardgames. When this group meets again two weeks later, there may be a short devotional, then the rest of the time may be spent writing cards for Operation Gratitude, picking up trash in a park, or taking church invitations door to door.

Our Provo group will begin Wednesday, June 6 (led by Brandon Kayla Wolf), as will our first Taylorsville group (led by Dana Glenn). A second Taylorsville group will begin Wednesday, June 13 (led by Martha Gamble). We are very excited about these groups and we hope you are too!