Fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)

Logan Wolf Kingdom Constellations

“Over the next five years we will turn fifty neighborhoods upside down for Christ through the formation of biblical communities, organized as a network of house churches, committed to obeying the Great Commandment and fulfilling the Great Commission.” You can read the entirety of our five year vision here.

Priscilla (Acts 18:1-3, 18-26)

Logan Wolf Daughters of God

This year CrossPoint church is commemorating both National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day with a five-week sermon series titled Daughters of God. As part of this series, we’re looking at examples from biblical history of women that were used by God. Some of those women we hear a lot about (e.g., Sarah, Esther, Mary the mother of Jesus). However, there are …

Frugality (Matthew 6:19-20)

Logan Wolf Resolved

Almost half of everyone that makes New Year’s resolutions never succeed. They end up making the same resolutions again and again, year after year. But we can break that pattern of failure when our resolutions are in line with what the Holy Spirit empowers us to be as believers. When it comes to such resolutions, one of the best examples …

Frugality (Matthew 6:19-20)

Logan Wolf Resolved

Resolved, if I take delight in it as a gratification of pride, or vanity, or on any such account, immediately to throw it by.

Stewarding Health (3 John 2)

Logan Wolf Stewarding Life

Our motivation in maintaining our physical health—through sleep, diet, and exercise—isn’t vanity, but the understanding that we belong to God.