The Next 90 Days

Yet another ninety days has passed since we began asking God to use us to “turn fifty neighborhoods upside down for Christ.” That means we’ve taken some more time to evaluate our progress toward our five year vision. (You can listen to the audio of Pastor Logan sharing our entire five year vision here.)

This is the final ninety-day period before reaching the one-year milestone of our mid-ground vision:

Full Participation and Shared Responsibility: Every member of each house church has begun living as a disciple and moved away from being a mere spectator or consumer. This move is evident in part by 1) the identification and use of spiritual gifts, 2) having read through the whole Bible with someone, 3) praying for neighbors and neighborhood daily, and 4) having introduced someone else to the body.

Of course, accomplishing this as a church is only possible in so much that we accomplish it as individuals and families. So over the next three months we’re asking you to take some extra time for prayer and personal reflection, and then honesty share with those in your Sunday gathering your answers to these questions:

  1. Have I turned from an attitude of spectatorship and consumerism? While this will be a constant battle, it is one we have victory over through Jesus. Remember, a disciple is someone who follows Jesus in their daily life. An attitude of spectatorship or consumerism is contrary to that of a genuine disciple of Christ.
  2. Have I identified my spiritual gifts? Am I using them to serve the body of Christ? Take a few moments to reread this post and to listen again to this talk. Remember what Peter tells us, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Peter 4:10). You bring something to the body the rest of us need!
  3. Am I on track to finish the Bible by November? We are encouraged by how many of you are, and how many of you already have! If you’re behind, don’t worry. Keep plugging away. We encourage you to consider finding someone to read with, and maybe check out this app.
  4. Have I been praying for my neighbors and neighborhood daily? This is so important! But even important things have a tendency to slip out of our thoughts. Reread this post for some great resources to help you minister to your neighbors.
  5. Have I introduced someone else to the body? Granted, you can’t make anyone join you on a Sunday, but you can extend the invitation. In fact, this is a natural step as you pray for your neighbors. As you’re asking God to move in their hearts, you should trust He’s doing just that.