The Next Five Years

Tired and frustrated with the chasm between what we’ve been studying in the book of Acts and what our church experience has been, CrossPoint is preparing for some big changes. Here is where we’re going in the next five years. (You can listen to the audio of Pastor Logan sharing this vision here.)

Beyond-the-Horizon Vision (5 Years—November 2023)

Targeted Transformation through Spiritual Formation: Over the next five years we will turn fifty neighborhoods upside down for Christ through the formation of biblical communities, organized as a network of house churches, committed to obeying the Great Commandment and fulfilling the Great Commission.

Intentionally meeting in homes allows these communities to maintain 1) a size where meaningful relationships can develop and mutual discipleship can take place, 2) a simplicity that requires minimal overhead or programming, and 3) a style that emphasizes full participation and shared responsibility.

In this way, the spiritual cancers of indifference, spectatorship, and consumerism are combatted and instead each believer is enabled to identify and develop his or her spiritual gifts and to make a unique contribution to what God is doing in Utah.

As a result, these fifty neighborhoods will experience the love of Christ as these communities find practical and tangible ways to bless them and will see the love of Christ modeled as these communities prioritize time together around the Word, in fellowship, around the table, and in prayer.

These communities will serve as points of light, forming Kingdom constellations and connecting diverse neighborhoods across the entire state of Utah.

Background Vision (3 Years—November 2021)

  1. Financially Self-Supporting: By eliminating facilities and related maintenance and utility expenses, and streamlining administrative costs, we are no longer dependent on funding from outside of Utah for regular ministry activity. The generosity of each community covers the low overhead, as well as needs within the body and the neighborhood.
  2. Increased Leadership Capacity: Those with pastoral and teaching gifts are being mentored and prepared to start new house churches in new neighborhoods.
  3. Relocation into Strategic Neighborhoods: We have not only identified every neighborhood represented within the body, but also those that are not and are praying that someone within those neighborhoods might come to faith or that someone within the body might relocate there. We will encourage leaders, and new families coming into the area, to move into yet unreached neighborhoods for the purpose of starting a house church.
  4. Multiplication of House Churches: We will double the number of house churches each year, so as to have eighteen by year three, forming a broad ministry network.

Midground Vision (1 Year—November 2019)

Full Participation and Shared Responsibility: Every member of each house church has begun living as a disciple and moved away from being a mere spectator or consumer. This move is evident in part by 1) the identification and use of spiritual gifts, 2) having read through the whole Bible with someone, 3) praying for neighbors and neighborhood daily, and 4) having introduced someone else to the body.

Foreground Vision (90 Days—February 2, 2019)

  1. Read: Have everyone read Letters to the Church by Francis Chan. Every new attender will be given a copy to read.
  2. Neighborhood Identification: Map every neighborhood currently represented in the body and identify locations for initial house churches.
  3. Sell Property: Finalize sale of Taylorsville Campus and decide future of Provo Campus.
  4. Form House Churches: Begin three house churches for current membership. These initial communities will serve first as a lab for new processes and then as a model for future churches.

As time passes, we’ll update these goals and mile markers. But here at the outset, we want to invite you to be a part of what God is doing. We’d love for you to take this journey with us.