Together in the Word (Matthew 4)

This past Sunday (February 10) we studied Matthew 4. Below is a brief outline of the chapter, a few observations we discussed, and a couple applications we made together as we endeavor to “be doers of the word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22).

Chapter Outline

  • Jesus is tempted by Satan (vv. 1-11).
  • Jesus move to Capernaum (vv. 12-17).
  • Jesus calls His first disciples (vv. 18-22).
  • Jesus ministers to the crowds (vv. 23-25).


  • Jesus’s temptation is the third and final phase of His preparation for public ministry (phase one being the ministry of John the Baptist, 3:1-12, and phase two being His baptism, 3:13-17).
  • The Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness (v. 1). Though Jesus was by Himself, He was never alone.
  • Verse 1 is the first direct reference to “the devil,” though no doubt he was at work in chapter 2. His character is succinctly described with the title “the tempter” (v. 3).
  • There is more to life than just the physical (v. 4).
  • There is both a right and wrong way to handle Scripture. Jesus uses it within context to bring light and understanding to current circumstance. Satan wrenches it from its context and uses it to justify selfish actions.
  • Matthew mentions the reality of both angels and demons (vv. 11, 24).
  • There is another reference to Gentiles (v. 15).
  • Jesus’s message was the same as John’s: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (v. 17; cf. 3:2).
  • Disciples are “fishers of men” (v. 19).


  • As believers, no matter what we face we are never alone—the Spirit of God is always with us.
  • Jesus triumph over temptation reminds us that we too can have victory of temptation. We are not resigned to defeat!
  • We must spend time in the Word of God and learn how to handle it properly. The Word of God is the weapon by which temptation is overcome.
  • Are we “fishers of men” (v. 19)?