These three core values help define us. We are committed to upholding and protecting them, even to the exclusion of what others may consider important.


We strive first to create and build biblical community. This is not a place, but a group of disciples, followers of Jesus, who share a sense of belonging and an orientation of life to a common goal and a common witness. This is how Jesus began His ministry that ended up turning the world upside down. Following His example, we seek to build this community amongst ourselves so that our ministry can also look like Jesus. Therefore, you won't see us promoting gimmicks or other clever ways to get people to come to events or worship services. Authentic community is built around relationships, and relationships are not built around events or worship services.


Discipleship is a process of helping a person move from being unacquainted with Jesus, to one who desires to learn from and emulate Him. Just as an apprentice has a goal to be like his or her teacher, the goal of a disciple is to be like Jesus in word, thought, and deed. While humans will never attain the perfection of Jesus, we are called to be faithful in the pursuit of that perfection. We believe this happens best in community, where we can learn from, challenge, and encourage each other. Disciples of Jesus are to lead others to become disciples and repeat the process.


We define evangelism as proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of God through word and deed, a task and duty assigned by Jesus. Disciples of Jesus are given the Holy Spirit to live inside them to lead them to do the work of God. Each day—if we are faithful to listen attentively—the Spirit will prompt us to share the Gospel. We will be given opportunities to bring the Kingdom of God to others right where they are, fulfilling the prayer of Jesus for His Kingdom to come and for His will to be done here on earth in the same way that He wills it in Heaven. As such, we seek to teach and train our community to share their faith regularly.